Loc8tor Features

10,000’s of users trust Loc8tor Lite to locate their wayward pets, elusive keys, disappearing handbag, runaway remote controlled aircraft or whatever they want to protect.

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Loc8tor Features

2 x Lightweight homing tags

32mm (Diam) x 6mm (D)

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Right feature

1 x Slimline directional handset

(H) 86mm x (W) 54mm x (D) 6mm

  • Directional technology

    Directional technology

    Follow audio and visual cues to find your property, pinpointing it to within 2.5cm. Our technology is more accurate than GPS.

  • Small and light

    Small and light

    Weighing just 6 grams and protected by a durable case, Loc8tor Lite is small and easy to attach to any item.

  • Long range – up to 122m (400 feet)

    Long range – up to 122m (400 feet)

    Loc8tor Lite can find things up to 122 metres away in clear line of sight. Just walk around until you pick up the signal and then follow cues.

  • Optional extra tags

    Optional extra tags

    Loc8tor comes with two tags but an additional two can be purchased if you’ve more things to protect.

  • Beeping tag

    Beeping tag

    The locate button on the handset activates a small beep on the tag. So you can hear as well as see which direction to go.

  • One–off payment

    One–off payment

    With no hidden costs or monthly payments, a single Loc8tor Lite purchase is all that’s required to help protect your property for years to come.

  • Trusted by 10,000’s

    Trusted by 10,000’s

    Loc8tor Lite is already trusted by tens of thousands of users to help look after their property.

  • Long life battery

    Long life battery

    With a battery life of up to 1 year Loc8tor Lite is there when you need it. Replace battery when you need with commonly available CR2032 battery.


Trusted by 10,000’s of users

Used the world over to find and protect all those important items. Why leave finding to chance? Try risk free with our 30 day money back guarantee.

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