How To Change Your (pre 2016) Mini Homing Tag Batteries

We often get asked how to change the batteries in a mini homing tag, so for all of you out there (and there must be quite a few of you as we have now surpassed 1 million tags sold worldwide!) who want to know, here is what we recommend…

First, get your tag and prize it open. We find that using a small flat-headed screwdriver works a treat, but working equally well is a small metal nail file, or if your finger nails are in good condition, and nice and strong, you could use them instead. We find that by prizing the tag apart starting at the top of the tag (where the keyring/lanyard hole is located).

Once your tag is open, you will find it has two halves (see main image above). The rear of the tag is where the batteries sit, and the front holds the chipboard. The battery that is positioned directly under the keyring/lanyard hole should be showing the “+” positive side of the battery, so you can see all of the writing. The battery directly below this should be positioned the other way round with the “-” negative side displaying. Once your batteries are positioned like this, you can close the tag. So simply place the front of the tag over the rear (making sure that it is the right way round!) and push together until it clicks, whereupon you should hear the tag beep. It will beep once if it is already paired to a handset, and will beep twice if it isn’t.

Happy Loc8ting!

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