How to find a lost quadcopter or lost remote controlled aircraft

remote control plane tracker

When you first set out to find a lost quadcopter or remote controlled aircraft, remember that you may initially be out of range of the tag. Whilst this could be up to 400 feet or 12 meters this will depend on the terrain over which you are flying. Firstly, holding the handset horizontally, turn a full circle. If no lights light up you may be out of range.

If you are out of range you need to set up a search pattern to maximise your chance of success. To do this, you want to sweep either side of an imaginary line which points in the direction of flight of the lost drone or remote controlled plane. The sweeps should get longer the further you are from the start point.

Loc8tor Lite search pattern

When the lost drone first gets into range, you may only get one red LED displayed on the Loc8tor Lite drone tracker handset. Keeping the handset horizontal, you will then want to slowly sweep it from left to right and right to left  noting where most LEDs lights are displayed and the pitch of the beeps is highest. As you move in that direction more LEDs will light and the beep pitch will rise.

Loc8tor Lite handset lights aluminate

You will want to continue to sweep from side to side at intervals, to ensure that you are still moving in the right direction to find your lost remote controlled aircraft or drone.

As you get closer you’ll start to see that the green LEDs will illuminate. At this stage you may find that it is worth muting the handset using the left-hand side button. Doing this you may then be able to hear the tag attached to the lost remote aircraft or drone beeping. If you can, you may be able to findn it using the tag beeps alone. If not, then re-enable the handset’s audio and carry on with that to get closer.

Finding lost multicopter or remote control aircraft

As you get very close the beeps turn into a continuous tone; by then you should be within a few feet tag and should have no trouble finding your lost remote control aircraft or quadcopter.

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