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There is a general unprecedented strain on global healthcare systems and often we are limited by our own ability to care for our aging family or friends. As carers, all we really want is peace of mind that our loved ones are ‘ok’ or the best they can be. If we combine this with the fact that the aging population is growing and there are insufficient professional carers to deal with demand, staying home and living independently is seemingly the only route to follow.

“Aging in Place” refers to remaining where you have lived for years, using products, services and conveniences, which allow you to remain home as your personal circumstances change. So, you continue to live in the home of your choice safely and independently as you get older.


Wellwise is an innovative, affordable and intelligent solution supporting the elderly or people who may have certain medical conditions to stay at home longer.

Our easy to use “plug and play” system helps monitor the user and should there be an incident or something out of the norm alerts and notifications will be sent directly to named carers and where necessary an emergency call centre help to ensure it can be dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Anthony Richards

Founder and CEO Wellwise

Core expertise is in innovating, conceptualising, bring new technology to market and then building. Totally customer focused in approach and proven expertise in building multi-channel sales and marketing. Successfully launched web sites in 11 European countries and has a solid understanding how best to leverage sales across e-commerce, retail and mail order to drive sales and increase customers’ lifetime value.


Nici Malamoglou

Marketing Director

Core Experience: Lived and worked in South Africa, Dubai and London and has deep international multi-channel marketing and customer engagement expertise. Her experience spans across tech, retail, automotive, FMCG and financial services industries. She has worked both on the Clients and Agency side, on B2C and B2B clients.


Wendy Kitteridge

Operations Director

Core Experience: Wendy is a strategic commercial leader with extensive experience in senior business management. She has an outstanding track record of developing multi-million dollar products in complex, challenging and multi-cultural regions. She is renowned for building strong teams and creating committed and focussed working environments